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BlackRock Private Investments Fund (BPIF)

BPIF is designed to deliver access to a diverse, core portfolio of institutional private equity in a registered fund structure.

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Transcript: Volatility, inflation, low yields (pause) advisors today are faced with an unprecedented set of challenges. We expect portfolios may have a tough time hitting return targets, which means that the traditional 60/40 portfolio that worked historically, might not get your clients where they need to go. Alternative investments can help but finding the right type has long been a challenge for investors. To continue delivering for your clients, we believe you should focus on two types of alternatives in today’s market environment: (1) Diversifiers which seek differentiated and unique portfolio exposures and (2) Amplifiers which seek higher returns or income over public markets by investing in private markets Talk to your BlackRock Market Leader to learn how you can help optimize your clients’ portfolios and start capitalizing on alternative investment opportunities today.

Important Notes: The information and opinions contained in this material are derived from proprietary and non-proprietary sources deemed by BlackRock to be reliable, are not necessarily all inclusive and are not guaranteed as to accuracy. Investments named within this material may not necessarily be held in any accounts managed by BlackRock. Reliance upon information in this material is at the sole discretion of the reader. Statements concerning financial market trends are based on current market conditions, which will fluctuate.


Sources: 1 Blackrock. Includes total commitments under management as of 12/31/23. A portion of the total investor commitments remains subject to drawdown.

Past performance does not guarantee future results. There is no guarantee that the investments identified and selected were or will be profitable.

It's more important than ever to invest in private equity

The opportunity set in public markets is shrinking, while private markets play an increasingly
prominent role in economic growth.

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Source: U.S. Census Bureau – Statistics of U.S. Businesses, The World Bank World Federation of Exchanges database as of March 2022. Represents the latest data available through year end 2022. Past performance is not indicative of future performance.

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Access the scale and resources of BlackRock’s private equity platform.

Over the last two decades we have built a leading institutional private equity platform. BPIF leverages BlackRock's scale and reputation, investing side by side with our institutional clients.

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